• World Fair Trade Day celebration 2015 – Artisans story

    Posted on April 30, 2015 by in Artisans

    World Fair Trade day #WFTD2015 central celebration is on May 9th. We want to celebrate sharing the stories of the artisans and all people working on and with APTEC PERU.

    Let us introduce:


    Mario was born in Ayacucho (Central region of the Peruvian highlands) 44 years ago, during the hardest years of internal violence in Perú. Despite of having a hard childhood and the lost of his parents at early age he was able to survive. He learnt the precious art of knitting landscapes, stories, dreams and hope on his beautiful carpets. All his carpets are hand knitted in artisanal tools called “telares” with hand spun sheep wool yarn and to make it even more special the yarn is natural colored with plants with an ancient technique he learnt.

    Mario, Can you share something with us?

    “I’ve been designing and knitting carpets and accessories for the last 28 years. This art saved my life. I had a hard childhood because I became orphan when I was very young. Those years were hard because of the terrorism we lived in the highlands. That is why I want to teach other people coming from the highland how to make a living from this art as well. This is my passion”

    Mario is our #AgentChange #FairTrade

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