Painted gourds

Is a folk art consisting of engraving on the surface of a special kind of gourds using a chisel manufactured by each artisan, is an art that is transmitted through generations and has grown in technical applications and combinations with other materials. This art is also known as the “Round book”.

The gourd that is used (Scientific name sicerana lagenaria) is part of the family Cucurbitaceae such as watermelon and squash. Is a climber and creeper plant, that grown in warm climates with an average time of 6 months.

To give the gourd the necessary “wood texture” the shell has to be removed once harvested and let it dry in the sun, constantly turning it over for about 10 or 15 days to be completely dry.

The are different shapes and sizes of gourds, according to the variety of the seed that was sown. In Peru we can find this type of gourd in Ica and Chincha located in the South Coast, on the North Coast in Piura , Chiclayo and Trujillo and in the Jungle of Huanuco and Ayacucho.

There are several techniques used to engrave and paint on the gourds such as: Burn, Stain , Color, Pyrography , Burilado black background , Painted and Carved . The represented scenes are inspired by the typical activities on the Andes such as the harvest, the typical parties and the landscapes.

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