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    Posted on January 17, 2017 by in Fair Trade, News, Products

    Thanks to the invite of a very dear friend on last December, 2016 we had the big opportunity to visit Japan and share with the Japanese people the way we practice fair trade business between our two countries. This adventure started 4 hrs by car from Tokyo and after arriving to a very special place where the workshop was going to be held. Thanks to our dear customer who organized everything, the place, the presentation and everything was perfect! I just arrived to help to accommodate tables, chairs and ready to talk and share with the assistants our background, the reason why we started our business, how we collaborate with Japan and what we hope in the future.

    The workshop took place for about 2 hours. At the beginning we expected about 20 assistants but as the workshop was taking place more chairs had to be brought from other places and at the end I counted almost 30 assistants 
    I can tell this was one of the most incredible opportunities to share with people why we do this business and in the way we do it. I have done this before in Peru but doing it in Japan was very special because I was not only talking about APTEC PERU, the knitters and artists with we work with but also I was talking about my country.

    All the workshop was very entertained and the funny part were the Spanish classes! To my surprise Japanese people like to learn Spanish so I was more than placed to teach them some Spanish words.

    Japan is a beautiful country where the technology advances and modernity exist in great harmony with their desire and love for keeping the traditions alive and in a daily practice. I’m more than grateful for this sharing opportunity, I loved Japan and as I told to the young journalist that attended the workshop, I went to Japan not only to share but also to learnt from them and this is what I did.

    Fair trade is not about charity, is about Opportunities and this is what the Japanese market is giving us, Opportunities.

    Please enjoy the pictures of the amazing workshop:

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