Marisol Yaranga

marisolllShe was born in Anansayocc (Quinoa). She is a pottery artist with 15 years of experience learned form her uncle Romulo Yaranga who is a famous artisan specialized in the Quinoa style pottery. She has a wide production developed with a entrepreneurial vision focus to the international market and she has male and female young artisan as her strategy partners.

Her most representative pieces of pottery are jewelry cases, money saver boxes, candle holders, pen holders, ashtrays, etc.  She has also decorative pieces. She creates collections of traditional and contemporary products designed in accordance with the world market trend without leaving the traditional Quinoa iconography.

The materials she uses are taken from the area around and later became in worth objects and everyday objects. Her workshop is located in a high and quiet street from the Quinoa district, belongs to Ayacucho region. Ayacucho is wide famous for its historic past full filled of cultural and social traditions and also for the hand made techniques learned form the Wari nation.

This activity, in the last 20 years has being giving jobs to the young artisans form Quinoa district. Together with this, it is important because improves the economy and helps development.

Now, Marisol is a member of APTECPERU and with this membership she aims to widespread her products toward the fair trade members. In this way she will improve her economic  situation to support her workshop and family.