Maria Marcapiña

Maria del Pilar Works with a group of women that with a lot of art and passion knit wonderful clothes and accessories  using baby alpaca and organic cotton.

These women earn a fair salary for their work and in this way the get money for their home budget. Many of them are the only one who brings money to their families and this job allowed them to pay for food, education, health and clothing.

Maria del Pilar also works with knitters artisans from Peruvian highlands. They knit  CHALES and blankets using an Inca´s millenary technique called “Tejido en Telar”. The artisans use pedal telar that works with the feet movement and doesn´t need electricity. Maria and the artisans mix colors and textures to obtain beautiful chales and blankets made of baby alpaca, alpaca with silk and dark and light earth shade’s cotton.

These women and artisans have the ability of being great knitters and  together with Maria del Pilar who is in charge of management, design, marketing and sells they are an efficient  team with the skills to produce clothes with modern designs and high quality.