José Sosa

joseeeHe was born in Piura. It belongs to Chulucanas district which is a famous town where artisans have lived for centuries since the Vicus nation times. When he was a child he learned the different pottery techniques form his parents. At the moment he owns a very large workshop where he applies all the knowledge he had learned 35 years ago.  He produces Chulucanas style pottery like: vases in different sizes and shapes, plates, fruit trays, ashtrays, napkin holders and more.

He has won an award as the best Chulucana´s pottery artisan. This award was given by the Regional government from Piura. He has also received awards given by ADEX and USAID for his great management and development of Chulucanas pottery.

He employs 30 people, male, female and youths. Nowadays Jose is a  member of APTECPERU and he is willing to sell his products to fair trade market in order to improve his workshop and the employees life standards.