Fermín Vilcapoma B.

He was born in the province of Canta in Lima. He learned the jewelry art from his family. His father was a jeweler and he taught all the different techniques when he was a child. Years later, Fermin opened his own workshop. In the beginning he worked by himself. Little by little he hired young artisans and upgrade his education in this art. He wanted to keep working in a long term contract with these people or help them to open their own workshop to be economically independent.

He uses 925 and 950 silver to produce his rings, earrings, necklaces with precious and semiprecious stones, bracelets and more.

Fermin said that nowadays he has a small group of customers in the USA, but he will like to enlarge his business to obtain better opportunities trough fair trade market. He is also one of the founders of APTECPERU.