Alejandrina Altamirano

She was born in the province of Andahuaylas that belongs to Apurimac region. Alejandrina learned to work with pottery in her family´s workshop in 1985. Now she runs her own workshop called Peru Land. She works with a group of women and a group of natives from the rainforest called shipibas.

Together with this group of women, Alejandrina  is in charge of the decorative and useful pottery production. They produce vases, bowls, dishes, coffee cups, plates for fruits, candle holders and many more things. She sells her products to the export business companies like: ALLPA, MANOS AMIGAS, RAYMISA, R. BERROCAL y NOVICA

Now Alejandrina is a member of APTECPERU and will be able to export directly for the fair trade members. In this way she will earn more money to support her workshop and her family. Together with this women that work with her will earn better salaries.

She has made 8 000 pottery pieces in 1996-1997 that were sold to OXFAM TADING, this company exported these pieces to  the business called ALLPA S.A.C.