APTECPERU has developed a new watering system by EXUDACION (exudation) using POROSA (porous) pottery big bowls burned in high temperatures to be used in dry regions where there is lack of water. With this system the urban agriculture or bio orchard can be developed. Vegetables can be plant for everyday people´s food consume. In order to forestation fruit trees and others can be plant to create green areas to improve the environment. Nowadays, APTECPERU has two pilot centers.

The first one is located at the Puruchuco museum in Ate district (East from Lima downtown) . It has 30 plants species like : Tara, Molle, Alanguay, Algarrobo, Eucalipto, Casuarinas, Tunas and Cactus. The most developed tree was the Tara. This tree grows well in dry areas and gives fruits that can easily be commercialized because are used in pharmacy, fabric, leather and food industry.

The second pilot center is called New Ayacucho and is located in the city of Cañete (south from Lima downtown). It has 60 species of elephant grass that will be use to feed guinea pigs. The project is called “raising Guinea pigs” and 4 000 neighbours will work there.

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